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We are a market leader in the manufacture of metal base stamped components and assemblies for the automotive industry


Gammastamp is a leading supplier of fine blanked, stamped metal parts, molded and over molded plastic components and assemblies. Since 1964 we develop, industrialize and market innovative solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. Design and manufacturing of tooling as well as engineering and co-design are part of our value added proposal.


We are home to Quality. To us Quality is much more than a customer or market requirement, it is an attitude, a behaviour in every single step of what we do . We are committed to meet the highest quality standards in our products and level of service to our customers. The entire Group is compliant and certified in accordance to IATF 16949, ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001.


The Gammastamp team is made of committed and motivated people, with strong experience, positive mind set and oriented to continuous improvement to anticipate and exceed customer needs and expectations. Our employees put the Customer at the center of their daily activities and are reliable business partners to provide satisfactory answers to our customers.

Main products.

More than 250 million end items delivered every year to our customers are our business card

The product group mechanisms includes finished products developed by Gammastamp on our own or in co-design with the car maker. Stamped side door hinges, profile side and rear door hinges, bonnet hinges, tailgate hinges, door checks and hand brake levers are part of it.

Safety Systems Components

Channels, latches, sliders, rails, lockdogs, buckle tongues, brackets, pillar loops, airbag brackets, bag retainers, holding plates, seat belt frames, PT covers are examples of a broad portfolio of components used in the assembly of passive safety systems (seat belts and airbags).

Latches Components

Frame plates, levers, pawls, claws: metal stamped components and fine blanked parts with plastic overmolding used and assembled in side door latches, bonnet latches and trunk door latches are part of this group. Our product portfolio includes strikers as well.

Gear Boxes Components

Gear change forks, levers, mounting plates, washers, kinematics assemblies: an extended range of high complexity products supplied directly to the car makers, to be assembled in their gear boxes, are the representative components of this product group.

Main processes.

We manage the complete value chain, from the raw material to the finished product, through a high level in-house process verticalization


Laser cutting
Gammastamp has opened a new department for low-volume mass production in order to devote the necessary attention to this market segment, which requires a high level of quality.

The department, which is still evolving, now has two laser cutter, seven presses, two projection welders, one laser welder and several assembly stations; it can carry out a variety of moulding operations (folds, deep-drawing, shootings) and any subsequent processing

Transfer Stamping

Transfer stamping is a metal sheet forming technology based upon a press operating a number of dies as a complete system. The movement of the metal piece from one operation to the next one is performed by a transfer automation. Our 15 presses ranging from 100 to 800 tons are the ideal answer to customers requiring the flexibility offered by this technology to stamp parts with complex geometry and shape.

Hardening and Carbonitriding

The thermal treatment is part of our in house integrated processes. Gammastamp operates with 8 furnaces that can perform the treatments of oil quenching, bainitic quenching and case hardening which allow to treat up to 12,000 tonnes/year

Chromium Plating

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Gammastamp is market leader and reference in the manufacturing of buckle tongues. Our fully verticalized process includes the chromium plating phase. Every year one car out of ten produced around the world can be equipped with our tounges.


Gammastamp operate manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic lines for the assembly process of finished products. We have more than 30 specific dedicated assembly lines.

Tooling construction and maintenance

Tooling is the fundamental element in the stamping process. With a unique tooling shop equipped with all the technologies and the machines required for tooling construction, we can design, machine and build in house our dies and molds as well as perform production tooling maintenance.

Fine blanking

With 20 presses ranging from 220 to 800 ton, Gammastamp is the ideal partner to develop and blank parts requiring a superior stamping technology allowing for very high precision and low tolerances. We process steel and stainless steel raw materials in thickness up to 10 mm.

Progressive Stamping

Progressive stamping is a technology that can incorporate cutting, punching, bending, coining, and several other ways of modifying metal raw material. A park of more than 30 presses, from 100 to 1200 ton, enables us to stamp steel in width up to 600 mm and 6 mm of thickness. This kind of technology may include cutting, coining and deep-drawing

Injection Molding and Overmoulding

Plastic molding and metal overmolding are totally mastered in house technologies offered to our customers, either to manufacture plastic components used in more complex assemblies or to complete the added value of the product itself. We have more than 50 injection machines ranging from 80 to 400 tons, both horizontal and vertical presses, operated with manual or automated loading/downloading systems.

Machining, Welding

In a market more and more demanding in terms of design complexity and product requirements, machining and welding are complementary processes available at Gammastamp.

EOL (End-of-Line) Automatic Sorting

When we talk about quality, no compromises are accepted. To ensure our products can meet the extremely high level of customer requirements, a completely automated EOL sorting machine can be integral part of our manufacturing process.

Deburring and grinding

The removal of the burrs generated during the stamping and the blanking processes is also made in house, by mean of both linear grinding and barrel deburring machines.

Italian passion, global reach

We are a private owned group, with headquarters in Italy and operations in Italy and Poland, serving and delivering parts to our customers in more than 25 countries around the world.

We have developed a sound expertise and know how in the area of metal stamping of complex metal parts, components and assemblies, leading the company to become a market reference in the field of metal stamping for the automotive industry.

The combination of fine blanking, progressive and transfer stamping technologies, with an extended range of in-house verticalized processes,  e.g. deburring, hardening, machining, welding, chromium plating, molding, over molding, sorting, the expertise on materials, product design and co-design, process engineering and tooling construction allow us to be the ideal partner to provide our customers with effective solutions to their needs.

Our clients.

Global car makers and system suppliers in the area of safety systems and closure systems are our primary references in the market.

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